Meet the 2023 Black Family of the Year: The Hawkins Family

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  /  2024 Family of the Year

2024 Family of the Year

Pastor KZ Smith and First Lady Connie Smith

Pastor KZ Smith and First Lady Connie Smith are the recipients of the 2024 BFR Family of the Year award. This recognition celebrates their exemplary leadership, dedication, and service to their community. As the senior pastor of the Corinthian Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Pastor KZ Smith has been a prominent figure in the city's religious and civic life, advocating for social justice, community empowerment, and the strengthening of family values. Together with his wife, First Lady Connie Smith, they have been instrumental in creating programs and initiatives that support and uplift the Black community in Cincinnati. Their family's commitment to service and their positive impact on the lives of others make them worthy recipients of this prestigious honor.