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  /  BFR Parade Details & Registration

BFR Parade Details & Registration

The grand Marshall for the parade

Annie Ruth is the Grand Marshal for the 2024 BFR Parade. Ruth is a respected community leader and activist who has dedicated her life to promoting social justice, civil rights, and the empowerment of the Black community in Cincinnati. She has been a tireless advocate for issues such as education, economic development, and healthcare equity, and has worked tirelessly to build bridges between diverse communities and foster greater understanding and collaboration. As the Grand Marshal, Ruth will lead the parade, which is a central and celebratory event of the Black Family Reunion, and her presence will serve as a symbol of the community’s resilience, pride, and commitment to progress.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to have you join us next year!


$ 0

2024 Black Family Reunion Registration

Fee for Single Float/Car/Truck - $35.00
$ 35.00

2024 Black Family Reunion Registration

Parade Registration - Drill Team or Band
$ 50

2024 Black Family Reunion Registration

Parade Registration- Political Candidate- $75.00
$ 75

2024 Black Family Reunion Registration

Parade Registration- Civic/Social Clubs, Schools, Non- Profit Organizations,
$ 100