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High Towers Petroleum Co

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About Us

Over 58 Years of Business Excellence

Stephen “Steve” Hightower founded Hightowers Petroleum Co. in 1982, continuing a family legacy of entrepreneurism that began in 1957 with the establishment of the family’s cornerstone business.

From those humble beginnings and through persistence, drive and determination, Steve methodically began to grow his wholesale fuel distribution business into an energy solutions enterprise that today is recognized throughout North America for its customer service, integrity, creative fuel distribution model and expert handling of complex upstream and downstream issues.

Mission and Vision

As a wholesale fuel supplier, we provide our customers with safe and environmentally-responsible energy solutions that exceed expectations in both quality and value.

At Hightowers Petroleum Co., we know energy. Our innovative Focused Energy Model is designed to minimize energy spend, maximize energy efficiencies and optimize your company’s success by having a trusted single source to manage all of your energy requirements and sustainable systems and products.

​We’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations and providing proactive solutions designed to make your organization even more successful.

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