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Our basic philosophy embraces a belief that addiction and mental health is a primary, progressive, chronic, and treatable illness that affects the total person, and has physiological, psychological, social-cultural and spiritual components that requires a holistic treatment and recovery support approach.


The vision of UMADAOP of Cincinnati is that we provide an array of behavioral health services with a focus on marginalized populations within the urban community. We feel that it is imperative that both the mental health and substance use disorders are integrated and must be treated simultaneously. To provide programming with the belief that mental health and substance abuse is best prevented and treated when the cultural dynamics of a group are addressed and included in the process of prevention, intervention, and recovery. Chemical dependency is viewed as an illness of the total person, which has physiological, psychological, social-cultural, and spiritual components that required.


Our goal is to facilitate programs to empower adults and youth alike in developing positive decision-making processes that will not only drastically impact their lives but the lives of those within their communities.

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